How much does it cost?

$2995 for the hardware system, plus $999/yr digital services membership for commercial use. For residential use the membership is $299/yr. Multi-unit discounts and leasing options are available by request. Shipping is $200 in the contintental US, custom elsewhere.

What comes with it?

VZfit includes a dedicated VR-ready PC, VR headset, 32" TV, stand, wireless pedal sensor, and wireless button. You supply the stationary bike. The PC and TV come as a single unit that you set on the stand, and you attach the pedal sensor and wireless button to your bike.

Why do I need the digital services membership?

The membership pays for the remote usage tracking, health monitoring, and maintenance we perform to keep everyone's system running smoothly, and also pays for our development team to continually improve our games and interfaces to attract and keep your customers.

Does it require online access?

Yes, but it can play offline for up to a week. When you setup VZfit the first thing is login to your network. The only requirement is that it can access our website to check your membership and store player's progress. It's also needed for remote support and head-to-head workouts.

Can I just buy your sensors and game subscription and use my own VR system?

Not now because VZfit requires our particular PC setup and VR system. If you are a reseller outside the US and can't import the NUC you can contact us about provisioning qualifying PCs.

How often do I need to replace batteries?

Our pedal sensor can be used for 60 continuous hours, which translates into 4 months at 1/2 hour use per day, or 1 month at 2 hours per day. Your account page shows the current sensor battery level, and the VZfit program will show a low-battery warning when it' low. Our button doesn't report it's battery level but lasts as least as long as our sensor, so we recommend changing it when you change the sensor. The sensor takes a CR2032 coin cell while the button takes a CR2016 coin cell.

What happened to the bike and games you sold on Amazon?

We've phased those out in order to focus on VZfit, which is designed for turnkey use with dedicated VR and your own bikes in fitness centers.

Could you sell VZfit with mobile VR?

Mobile VR doesn't yet provide the detailed immersion that makes VR compelling. The next generation of all-in-one headsets may do so.

I feel a little dizzy after playing your games / I've read that VR motion makes people sick

Comfortable VR motion is at the heart of our game technology, but some people need to learn how to be in VR like they learned how to ride a bike. We've found people under 25 adapt to VR seamlessly, but others may need to learn by sticking with our levels marked comfortable, which feature flat terrain and nothing to run into. When they've learned how to control their motion and feel good in VR they should try moderate levels with more hills and turning. Only when that feels good should they try intense levels with flying. Our interface drives new players along this path and encourages tutorials before moderate and intense levels.

How long does it take to fulfill my order?

We build and provision each VZfit to be ready out of the box and personalized to you. We keep an inventory of parts but order the PC and headset on payment, after which takes about two weeks for assembly and testing and delivery.