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VirZOOM in the press

It was a lot of fun. And science says that when you’re having fun, you don’t notice that you’re exercising. There’s just too much going on to pay much attention.– Forbes

Tired of biking in the gym? Virtual reality lets you cycle in Iceland, instead. – Washington Post

It feels like riding a bicycle…. It’s more immersive than ever – KSK360 (Japenese)

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VirZoom Quest Review: Your Exercise Bike Takes Off With The Oculus Quest – UploadVR

“VR offers a truly immersive indoor training experience, and a chance to ride outside the basement pain-cave even on the coldest, rainiest days.”The Zen of Communication

Top 10 VR Gadgets We’re Sweating Over in 2019 – VR Fitness Insider

Man Loses Over 50 Pounds Using a Virtual Reality Bicycle – UploadVR

VZfit Go Review – Christ Centered Gamer

“Why play a game about biking with a joystick when you can bathe yourself in the immersion of actually peddling your bike through exotic locations around the world?”Upload VR

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These VR Fitness Startups Want to Give You and IRL Beach Body – Fast Company

“From pedaling a kayak to racing a Formula 1 car, the bike and software provide an at-home experience much more unique than staring at whatever sitcom or news channel playing about you and 12 other gym rats”Outdoor Places

I Worked Out In Virtual Reality for a Month and This is What Happened – Forbes

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VirZOOM and FitBit: The Alliance that Makes VR Fitness Mainstream – VR Fitness Insider

“I ended up tracking down bandits for a solid 20 minutes longer than I intended to, which is, I suppose, exactly the point”GQ

How VR Can Help You Get Fit With The Power of Fun – Android Pit

What VZfit users are saying

“Incredible I absolutely love virzoom and all it has to offer not only do I get a great workout that’s out of the norm I can also use its other features to study my craft in becoming a better athlete. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to become my best version.”Inika McPherson, US High Jump Olympian

“I love how real the workout feels. It fits well and there’s a huge variety of workouts to choose from.”Sabrina Wieser, Fitness Blogger

“I’ve been exercising on Virzoom almost every day. There is no question that I got in so much better shape using it! I would like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!”Arches77

“First time VirZOOM user here. Vzfit account activated and I’ve hit my 5,000 spin first week goal! THIS SYSTEM IS A BLAST! This morning I somehow rode for 30 minutes in what felt like 5! Ha! Fun fun fun! Excellent work by the Virzoom team!”GPz4e3D

“My children have tried the VZfit and are hooked. Its just fun for them. They talk about it a lot, comparing experiences, and frequently ask to ‘ride the VirZOOM’. In particular they are into the games. As a parent its great to see them so willingly engaging in exercise on a voluntary basis.”VZfit User

“I’ve tried all the various motivations to get in the exercise I need – you name it, I’ve tried it – but yours actually works! I look forward to getting in a ride. It’s the first thing I do when I get home after work – hit the bike. Thank you!!!”MaryMerry

Amazon reviews of Virzoom

Exercising made fun!
“This feels like it was the missing piece in my weekly exercise routine!” – Sugarcube101

This is the greatest thing ever invented
“This is worth the money I swear to it I have lost so much weight and feel so much healthier and I have fun using it.” – gumby757

I feel like it’s been 5 minutes
“Radically changed my workout regime. Literally an hour goes by, I’ve burned 500 calories, and despite the leg burn, I feel like it’s been 5 minutes.” – Nsane1

Fantastic way to get exercise while having fun doing so
“I used to do stationary bikes at the gym but this is way better. I can’t recommend this enough if you’re looking for motivation to exercise more.” – J.C. Amistadio

“Over the past couple weeks, I have averaged over 1,000 calories burned daily. Yesterday, I burned over 2000 calories. The greatest part is that it is fun.” – Hobbitboy

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