New Setup

Account Setup

  1. Create a account and download apps
    Go to and create a user name and password.
    b. Please follow the instructions at to acquire the apps for your VR headset.
  2.  Run apps to register your sensor
    a. Put on your Oculus Go or Quest
    b. Find the apps in the “Not Installed” section of your library. Click on each to initiate the download.
    c. Launch VZfit Play or VZfit Explorer from your Oculus library
    d. Accept all permission requests. They are necessary for the apps to talk to the sensor.
    e. Follow on-screen instructions to register your sensor
  3. Select Membership
    a. After registering at you need to select a membership and add your billing info for Premium trial.
    b. Your first 7 days of Premium will be free, you can cancel at any time.

  • VZfit and VZfit Explorer are available for the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. Other VR systems are not supported at this
  •  VZfit is intended for use with stationary exercise bikes. Bicycles on trainers can also be used, but we recommend a front
    fork stand. The gameplay requires leaning from side-to-side, and a front fork stand will provide the necessary stability.
  • VZfit requires web access for content updates, license refreshing, online events, and head to head workouts. It can be
    played online for a period of time without license refreshing in case of network outages.
  • Manage your VZfit account and more at Set your weekly spin goal, watch your fitness stats, check on event leaderboards, and use our private forums to give us feedback and connect with other owners.
  • The VZfit Cadence Sensor & Button Controller are battery powered and should last 45 connected hours before needing to
    be replaced. This equates to 6 months of light use (~2 hours per week), or 1 month of heavy use (~11 hours per week).
  • The VZfit Sensor Kit can be used in conjunction with the free VZfit SDK for Unity and any software created with it.

VZfit Sensor Kit Setup

3rd Party Setup