What is VZfit?

VZfit is an add-on for stationary bikes that motivates exercise using the power of VR on the Oculus Quest & Go. Play virtual sports and activities that exercise your legs and brain together to get a cardio workout every day without realizing it!

What comes with it?

The VZfit System comes with a wireless crank sensor and thumb controls that attach to your stationary bike in 5 minutes, and two applications for your Oculus Quest and Go. VZfit Play is our existing collection of games optimized for mobile VR, and redesigned for better workouts, head-to-head challenges, and online events. VZfit Explorer is a new application that allows you to ride anywhere in the world in VR. You supply the stationary bike and Oculus Quest or Go VR system.

How do I get it?

You'll order the VZfit sensors for $99.95 from Amazon (within the US) or our direct order page (includes international). Then make a VZfit account to register your sensors, manage your VZfit membership, and get the download codes and instructions to install VZfit Play and Explorer on your Oculus headset.

Is a membership required?

You can have limited game access with a VZfit Free membership, or full game access with a VZfit Premium membership for $9.95/mo or $99.95/yr after a free 7-day trial. We require you to start the free premium trial which you can then cancel anytime to revert to free membership. The free membership allows unlimited play of a rotating free game in VZfit Play and rotating free ride in VZfit Explorer, and only demos of other games and rides. You also can't access events or avatar upgrades in VZfit Play, or the AI trainer or ride creation and sharing in VZfit Explorer without a premium membership.

Where can I take it?

VZfit and the Oculus Quest and Go were designed for portability and quick setup. So you can get VirZOOM workouts anywhere that has a stationary bike: your home, gym, office, or hotel.

How does the experience differ between the Quest and Go?

The Quest has position tracking and a faster screen refresh than the Go, which makes it better to look around and move in VR. But the Quest weighs a bit more which may affect your exercise. Within VZfit, the main difference is you steer by leaning on the Quest, while you steer by tilting your head on the Go. Leaning is enabled on the Quest by its position tracking and feels more like steering a bike. Our apps run at higher framerate on the Quest, and their levels may have more detail, but otherwise offer the same gameplay and cross-play.

Does VZfit require online access?

VZfit Play requires online access at least one a week to refresh the membership license. It can be played offline for up to a week but won't store game stats or support head-to-head or online events. VZfit Explorer requires online access for its functioning, with a minimum recommended bandwidth of 3 Mbps.

Does VZfit work with VirZOOM's old games?

No, VZfit sensors are not compatible with VirZOOM Arcade or VirZOOM Gamepad Emulator or old VirZOOM SDK on any platform.

Can I develop applications for VZfit

Yes, we provide a free VZfit SDK for Unity, that works with our Sensor Kit and original VirZOOM Bike. We place no restrictions or fees on applications you can make and sell with it, but you and your customers will need to have a VZfit premium membership to play them.

What happened to the bike and games you sold on Amazon?

We've phased those out in order to focus on VZfit, which is designed for fitness-oriented customers with their own bikes and easy-to-use VR systems. But the original VirZOOM Bike can play, at no charge, VZfit Play and Explorer applications on the Oculus Go & Quest with a free lifetime membership.

So I need a stationary bike for VZfit?

Yes. VZfit works with the bike that suits you best: spin, upright, recumbent or folding. VirZOOM does not endorse VZfit usage on a bicycle with trainer, because people lean to steer which is only safe on stationary bikes that have more weight and stability. The one exception we support is found stable is when paired with a Kreitler Fork Stand.

What about ellipticals, rowers, or treadmills?

VZfit experiences are designed for pedaling and leaning from a seated position, because we found that offers the most intuitive and accurate way to control your virtual motion. Pressing the action button is also easiest on fixed handlebars. Though our sensors could work on other equipment, we'd have to design new games and sensor processing optimized for them.

Does sweat hurt the VR headset?

Nope! Thousands of VirZOOM users have sweat into their headsets with no issue. If you're planning to share your headset though you may want a wipeable "VR Cover". A small fan can reduce sweat and increase your sensation of movement. And we have found that "Quick Spit" antifog spray prevents your lenses from fogging up, though most don't.

How often do I need to replace sensor batteries?

Our speed sensor can be used for 60 continuous hours, which translates into 4 months at 1/2 hour use per day, or 1 month at 2 hours per day. Your account page shows the current sensor battery level, and the VZfit games will show a low-battery warning when it's low. Our button doesn't report its battery level but lasts as least as long as our sensor, so we recommend changing it when you change the sensor. The sensor takes a CR2032 coin cell while the button takes a CR2016 coin cell.

Will I feel dizzy after playing your games? I've read that VR motion makes people sick

Comfortable VR motion is at the heart of our game technology, but some people need to learn how to be in VR like they learned how to ride a bike. The older you are, the more time you should take to acclimate. We suggest everyone first play our levels marked comfortable, which feature flat terrain and nothing to run into. When they've learned how to control their motion and feel good in VR they should try moderate levels with more hills and turning. Only when that feels good should they try intense levels with flying. Our interface drives new players along this path and encourages tutorials before moderate and intense levels.

Can I buy VZfit for commercial use?

VZfit is licensed for personal use by you and your family. We are working on a commercial version that we setup for you and boots right into our games, that will be licensed for commercial use. Please email sales@nullvirzoom.com to learn more.

Where can I learn more and talk to actual users?

We post about VZfit details to our blog, and you can talk to users and read the game FAQ on our forums with a free VZfit account. We also have a Facebook page and VZfit Community group.