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Transforming exercise through the power of VR since 2015.

Millions of people would benefit from 20 minutes of exercise per day, but can’t find the motivation to do so.  With the advent of virtual reality and miniature wireless sensors, we discovered the most fun you could have exercising is moving through virtual worlds on a stationary bike.  Not just on a rail, but with full control over steering and speed, and thumb buttons for interaction.  VR allows you to be anything, anywhere with unlimited possibilities to drive you forward: a cyclist touring the world, a tank commander, a canyon-soaring Pegasus, a race-car driver, and many more.  Our worlds offer a range of exercise, excitement, and gameplay to suit the whole family.

Sounds simple, but to achieve this we had to solve the VR motion discomfort felt in so many other games.  Our team has experience in AAA game design and robotics, and our first year was devoted to understanding and coming up with game designs, motion controls, and sensor hardware specifically for comfortable VR motion.

Stationary biking is an intuitive platform for VR movement, good for low-impact cardio, and doesn’t need to cost or take up much space.  In 2015 we made a folding bike with buttons and accurate speed controls, and a collection of exercise games designed for early VR adopters.  Starting in 2017 we created a turnkey VR kiosk for gyms to use with their own bikes.  And 2019 brought our current VZfit system, with games made for the Oculus Go & Quest and a sensor kit for any bike at your home, gym, or office.

We are constantly improving VZfit for our members, based on their suggestions and our inspirations.  Our customized VR motion and sensors are also open to other developers, to add exercise to their games or make something completely unique.  Join us in taking the next step!

About Us

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