Our Mission

VirZOOM was founded in 2015 to transform exercise through the power of VR. Millions of people would benefit from 20 minutes of exercise per day, but can't find the motivation to do so. Pedaling and steering through immersive virtual worlds feels natural and compelling with unlimited possibilities. Our team brings together AAA game development, robotics design, and business know-how to create these experiences in software and hardware. Since our first self-powered flight on a Pegasus we were hooked on turning interval exercise into games and creating comfortable VR motion. Our exercise games are for the whole family, and while some people worry about sweat the only real problem is getting your kids off it!

Our first product was a folding bike with buttons and accurate speed controls, with a collection of exercise games designed for 1st generation VR adopters. To reach more fitness customers we created a turnkey VR kiosk for gyms to use with their own bikes. Now with the advent of 2nd generation affordable all-in-one headsets we are launching a sensor kit and new games for use on any bike at your home, gym, or office. We've stayed focused on stationary biking because it's a safe platform for VR, good for low-impact cardio, and an intuitive way to move. We're excited to keep building new experiences, and our technology is open to all developers. We hope you'll join us in taking the next step.