October 2020

Hotfix 10.16


  • Fix favoriting of shared rides from vzfit.com Manage Rides
  • Accidentally broke path showing around corners and through 3d objects, fixed on 10/19

Update 10.13


  • Snapshots now sort in chronological order with newest snapshot first.
  • Moved “detailed usage” link into Stats page, right after your name
    • This is only displayed to you not anyone else
  • Created new Rides tab on VZfit.com when logged in
    • Moved Snapshots and Ride Creation to Rides page
  • Added Manage Rides page to VZFit.com
    • Search for rides by distance/favorite/rating
    • Browse Rides on a world map
    • Delete or Share rides you created
    • Rate Rides you have completed
    • Favorite rides you would like to ride and they will show up in game under the Favorites tab

Hotfix 10.06


  • Preserve user data when reinstalling
  • Preserve premium membership when testing standup mode
  • Hide trainer & shadow in customization mode
  • Idle animation for customization mode
  • Hide customization mode arrows when < 5 items
  • For snapshot cameras that don’t feature avatar, place in exact center of panorama for zero distortion
  • Fixed trainer double shadow issue
  • Updated 2D build


  • Add resistance control for FTMS bikes & trainers