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Now Works With Smart Bikes, Ellipticals, Smart Trainers, and Sensors!

Whether you have a Smart Bike, Smart Trainer, or Bluetooth 4.0 Cadence or Speed Sensor, VZfit will work with your gear.  Check the list, and if your gear isn’t on there be sure to let us know. We are constantly adding compatible devices to ensure the most open platform.

We even work with most Ellipticals when combined with a cadence sensor.

What is VZfit?

VZfit apps Using the power of virtual reality and any stationary bike, you are transported to worlds where you must pedal to move. VZfit will turn every workout into fun and exploration. 

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  • “I‘ve been exercising on Virzoom almost every day. There is no question that I got in so much better shape using it!”

    VZfit user
  • “This feels like it was the missing piece in my weekly exercise routine!”

    VZfit user
  • “I love how real the workout feels. It fits well and there’s a huge variety of workouts to choose from.”

    Sabrina Wieser
    Fitness Blogger
  • Having a blast. Got to ride in the Alps yesterday. Norway the day before.”

    Stewart S
    VZfit User
  • I think that Virzoom is the best thing to happen to indoor bike training!”

    Donna C
    VZfit User
  • I simply love this device. It has made exercise biking fun again with the ENTIRE WORLD at your fingertips.”

    M. Hawash
    VZfit User
  • “This is the way to go if you have trouble getting motivated to use your stationary bike also known as the old electric clothes hanger.”

    Charlie Girl
    VZfit User

Where will VZfit take you?


VZfit Explorer

Ride any of the 10 million miles of Google Street View in Virtual Reality. Choose from our curated rides, community shared rides or design your own personal tours and upload them.


VZfit Workout Trainer

Enable the virtual trainer to get an Interval, HIIT, Heart, Touring, or Tabata workouts.


VZfit Play

More than just a VR bicycling experience, you can also battle tanks, race an F1 car, fly a Pegasus, or lasso old west bandits!

An Amazing VR Exercise Experience

VZfit transforms every ride into an adventure — virtual motion that feels great!

Click and drag the video to look around.

“A bike that’s not going anywhere can take you around the world.”

Refinery 29

“I couldn’t stop grinning”


“I never want to get off this bike”

Men's FItness

“20 minutes have flown by and I haven’t even noticed”

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