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The Product

  • VirZOOM Virtual Reality Bike and Games

    Play VR. Get Fit. Integrated sensors in the bike track your movements so that the faster you pedal, the faster you move in games! Steer by leaning to the left and right thanks to motion tracking in your VR headset. Use action buttons and triggers on the handlebars to take to the air, get bursts of speed, and blast away obstacles in games. Your bike gives you FREE access to an ever-expanding library of VirZOOM exercise games. (Read more on games below)

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  • VirZOOM Games

    VirZOOM Arcade: VirZOOM Arcade is a suite of evolving VR games that motivates you to move. See what it feels likes to run, drive, and fly under your own power. From some of the creative minds behind Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central and the Nintendo Wiimote, VirZOOM Arcade puts you behind the wheel of a race car, on a serene pond in a kayak, in the cockpit of a helicopter, on the back of a pegasus, at the controls of a tank, and more. In addition to the addicting arcade-style games already available - new games, modes, and features are added regularly via free updates.

    Current games include: Cowboy, Racecar, Pegasus, Tanks, Chopper, Kayak and Cycle le Tour

    Let’s Play

    Multiplayer matches at home and beyond: Challenge friends to live private matches, ride alongside them or compete with their ghost of games past. Enjoy public drop-in, drop-out multiplayer games with global leaderboards, play head-to-head in your own living room, taking turns competing for the high score. Challenge friends, track all of your fitness data and progression in your MyVirZOOM profile. You can also link your VirZOOM account to Strava and Fitbit to track your activity and workouts.

    Make your own games: VirZOOM provides a free SDK Plug-In for Unity. Use the SDK to optimize your existing game for VirZOOM or create new games for the VirZOOM VR Bike.

    PC Controller Emulator: Play existing VR and PC Video games optimized for your VirZOOM controller. Be in the action of your favorite games. Current games include Project Cars, EVE Valkyrie, Radial-G and more!

  • Virtual Reality Headset Compatibility

    VirZOOM is currently compatible with the following VR headsets and appropriate PC/Consoles (sold separately):

    PlayStation VR (powered by PS4)
    Oculus Rift (powered by high-end gaming PC)
    HTC Vive (powered by high-end gaming PC)
    Mobile VR support coming soon!

    PC Minimum Specifications

The Team

The VirZOOM Family

  • Eric Janszen
  • Eric Malafeew
  • Spencer Honeyman
  • Anthony LoRusso
  • Peter MacDonald
  • Henrik Holmdahl
  • Buzz Burrowes
  • Kaitlynn Hegarty
  • Rob Kay
  • Bryn Bennett
  • Jason Tocci

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